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* Stream city at least once a week

* Be at minimum a Twitch Affiliate  

* You represent the city so no bad talking the city in anyway shape or form!! issues can be resolved in our discord with tickets!! BE THE EXAMPLE

*  Follow The City rules!


*  Follow Twitches T.O.S.


*  Be an active streamer. We’re looking for creators who are broadcasting on a regular basis. (Special cases with mental heath breaks or vacations are exempt from this as long as there communication between Stream team leads)


*  Have a positive and active community.

*  Be willing to interact with the team. Everyone has their own schedule and gets busy but we want members who have time to stop by other streams on occasion to say “Hi” or interact on our team Discord 

*  Mention the team in a panel. Your page will always be your page but we would like all members to have a panel or a brief sentence somewhere in an existing panel about the team and the city!

*  Raid a team member at least once a week (this will not be monitored, but will be an honor system) 

*  Have your VODs available for review! For meta/power gaming proof/disproof and Stream Coaching purposes.    

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