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Welcome to CaveRP! This is some basic information about some of the amazing people we have here at CaveRP! The server is run by a growing dedicated team of players. A hierarchy exists, with increasing amounts of power and permissions.

- Please note: We do not accept donations or payments in order to become staff members. All our staff is promoted based on their overall performance as a player and experience with staff positions. We seek to provide you with a trustworthy and safe place to roleplay and make your stories. City Staff is the rank inside the discord for staff members. If you have a problem in the city please make a ticket and speak to staff. WE CANNOT FIX WHAT WE ARE NOT TOLD ABOUT!


Mancave - Amazing Streamer, Great Guy- City Owner, Crazy Dev, Head Cheese and the glue that holds this crazy city together.

DaMnItLeWiS -Main Co-Dev, busts his butt to keep everything from breaking down and kicking butt with our wonderful code- He's working hard to make this the most fun unique city out there! He's known Mancave for 20+Years!


Genesis - Amazing lady who does so much that we can't even describe it. Reality, Cars, Hospital. She's so busy that half the time we're looking around going. "Eh, where?Huh? Wha?"while she's out there kicking ass and taking names!


Wyckedly - Hi, Wyckedly here - I'm web developement, Admin, a script kiddie and coder, and graphic designer, and jack of all trades. Do you need a graphic for your business in our city? let me know know! Events too!


BataXP- Amazing Stream Team Leader, Staff Member - Business Owner, Epic Roleplayer, and one of the best streamers known to man. What doesn't this man do? He's a jack of all trades that's Vital to the function of the Team!


One of our newest staff members, Sadie comes to us with high recommendations - full of energy and fire to help keep this place rocking! Jack of all trades and a big help!

MaxSteel1825 - Economy Manager - The man who helps us not be crazy, Staff Member, Epic Roleplay, Big Boy Scheduling Bitch, Casino Owner, and so much more.


Co-Lead of PillBox Hospital - The lady who leads us to not lose our memories and patches up our boo-boos. Fun, sassy, and one of the best EMS I know!

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